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What is the best canvas for travel?

Coated Canvas

Coated canvas works best for travel covers and is more stable and water repellent due to its coating. The coating bonds the fibers to reduce the fibers from fracturing when buffeted by the wind while travelling. With uncoated canvas the fibers fracture, the canvas becomes thin, loses strength and the ability to repel water. Top Gun coated canvas is likely the strongest most durable canvas. Downside- coated canvas can be heavy, stiff when cold, and even with vents installed, at times can have heavy condensation.



What is the best canvas for mooring?(docked)

Woven / Uncoated canvas will supply very high breathability. Woven canvas is usually lighter in weight and handles well regardless of temperature. Because of the high humidity levels on the water, Woven / Uncoated canvas makes an ideal canvas for dockside use. Downside- it is less durable than coated canvas and moisture may be present after the heaviest rains.


What is the difference in canvas fibers?

Polyester canvas starts out as the strongest fabric but will weaken from  sun exposure. Color is not as colorfast as acrylics, even in solution dyed polyesters. Service life is about 10 years in Ohio climates.


Coated Polyester will add  time to the strength by reducing sun exposure to the bare fabric fibers but because most coatings are vinyl or resin they do not add to the service life of the canvas.


Acrylic Coated Polyester such as Top Gun is of one of the most durable canvas on the market. Top Gun canvas uses acrylic that is impregnated into and on the outside of the canvas, protecting the fibers from sun exposure which not only protects the fibers from sun exposure but also adds to the service life [8-10yrs]. Acrylic holds up best to sun expsure.

Acrylic (solution dyed) such as Sunbrella canvas will last the longest of all with top quality brand Sunbrella canvas giving good service for 15 years and sometimes longer. Color will last the longest with no risk of color bleeding onto vinyls or boat surfaces. Although uncoated polyester starts out stronger , after 5 years acrylic will be stronger due to the fact that acrylic does not degrade with sun exposure like polyester. Sunbrella has been on the market for over 45 yrs and is without a doubt the best acrylic on the market backed by a 10 YEAR WARRANTY. if you are choosing acrylic stay away from cheaper knock offs often offered. Many shops will offer knock off acrylics because Sunbrella being the best is also the most expensive which cuts into profits. Some shops will go as far as selling you Sunbrella and using a knock off acrylic.

 I will produce a purchase reciept to any of my customers apon request showing the purchase of their canvas from my reputable canvas supplier on any canvas I sell.



How do I get the best service from my canvas products?


​When your cover was made your cover or top was tested for proper water run off. Water pooling will only occur when canvas is not kept tight, or when snow or other objects have been laying on the canvas and has stretched the canvas. Your canvas will not stretch in one area for no reason. Failing to keep canvas tight, and allowing water to pool, or other objects to lay on canvas, even once, can permanently stretch canvas, damage cover or top, and void warranty. This happens when canvas is stretched beyond its elastic limits, which varies depending on canvas used. For years of good service proper care must be strictly followed.

 1-Mooring poles or frames must always be properly adjusted keeping canvas tight for proper run off.

 2-do not allow anything to lay on the canvas

 3-Do not cover canvas with any kind or tarps or shrink wrap.

 4-Do not apply waterproofing or repellents without contacting us first.

 5- Regularly lightly clean canvas with water at least twice a year [more often if needed],  topside and underneath to remove dirt and pollens. For more thorough cleaning follow the manufactures recomendations. Never preasure wash canvas.

  6-Do not store wet or damp or mold and mildew will form.

                 Failing to follow these few simple care cover instructions will voild warranty.




To set the poles for correct tightness of canvas have someone snap the cover down while your inside the boat. Once inside the boat with the cover installed adjust poles so the canvas is tight. Once poles are adjusted try to lift the poles off the floor. If you can lift the poles you need to readjust the pole. Mark your new pole adjusted setting with a marker. Do this every so often to make sure poles are properly set.






What kind of thread do you use?

I use marine grade UV resistant thread which typically has a service life of 6-10 years, but can be reduced when exposed to some unapproved cleaners and unapproved water repellants. Because I canot control what is applied to the threads on the cover no warranty is given on this thread.


Lifetime Warranted Thread;

I offer a PTFE thread [ Tenara Thread made by GoreTex] at an added cost that has a lifetime guarantee and is not affected by moisture, chemicals or UV sunlight.


What is used to keep canvas from wearing through on high
wear places?


​ Properly fitted covers reduce movement of canvas which will reduce wear. All problem areas are reinforced with a heavy material on the inside of the canvas.

Our reinforcement material used on boat covers will remain strong and pliable past 15 years.

How does you canvas fasten to the boat?

Snap studs installed on fiberglass boats are stainless steel screw studs that will not loosen. All holes are counter sunk to prevent spider cracks forming from holes.

Rivets are never used on fiberglass to hold snap studs on. Riveted snap studs on fiberglass will loosen over time and damage the surrounding gel coat.

Aluminum rivets are used on aluminum boats for metallurgy reasons.

Old studs may need to be replaced when they become oxidated making cover installation and removal difficult



Pontoon Covers

 The biggest gripe I hear from pontoon owners about full pontoon covers is that because of there large size, heavy weight, and often tight fit, they are a pain to put on and take off. That doesn't have to be the case.

 There are things that can be done to make a full pontoon cover much more user friendly.

 Over the years with input from my customers I have developed an ''Easy Fit'' pontoon mooring cover that is both functional and very user friendly.

 With a properly designed pontoon mooring cover, a quality light weight canvas, proper removal and installation techniques, putting your cover on after a long day on the water doesn't have to be a battle to look forward too.

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